Office Appointments

Office Appointments

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Office appointments behavior of a more serious or recurring nature will be discussed with the administrators and appropriate action will be taken. Parents may be contacted when a child comes to the office depending on the seriousness of the incident. If a child comes to the office, they may be involved in:

  • Writing a plan of action to avoid the problem in the future
  • Meeting with the other students involved to discuss/solve the problem
  • Calling parents so that they can be involved in the solution
  • Time away from the activity or situation

The following behavior will be treated seriously and may result in suspension:

  • Bullying or consistent teasing, name-calling, or intimidation
  • Threatening or intimidating remarks, either oral or written (including e-mail)
  • Fighting, inappropriate touching, or physical intimidation.
  • Theft
  • School property damage
  • Tampering with a faculty member’s personal items
  • Defying authority
  • Academic dishonesty

A conference will be held with parents of children who are suspended.

The administration preserves the right to treat each case individually.