Farabi Transportation

Farabi Transportation

Farabi Language School Transportation

School transportation is provided with a map that should be signed by the parent and included in the student's file.

Kindergarten students who take the bus are met at their classrooms by their classroom co-teacher and taken to the school bus at 2:35 pm Students in all other grades primary education, prep education and sec education proceed to the buses on their own.

Going by school bus is a privilege. Students who do not follow the rules and regulations will be reported to the office. Parents will be notified of the situation and the student may be suspended from riding the bus, at first temporarily and if necessary, permanently.


  1. Students must refrain from any action that could distract the driver.
  2. Students must follow the directions of the bus supervisor.
  3. Students must go in their assigned bus.
  4. Students are to remain in their seats and should not put their heads or hands out of the windows.
  5. Students should talk in a quiet voice.
  6. Students are not allowed to eat, drink or chew gum on the bus.
  7. Any dangerous objects that must be brought to school for a project (glass jar, etc.) should be carried by the bus supervisor for safety.
  8. Students are permitted to get off the bus only at their assigned stops unless they have notes from their parents.
  9. All students taking the school buses will enter and exit through the main gate of the school.

Permission to go by another bus or to have a friend visit can only be granted with the note from a parent. The school is not responsible for students before they get on the bus in the morning and after they get off the bus in the afternoon. Kindergarten children must be taken to the bus each morning and met when they return in the afternoon. Traffic patterns and other conditions may warrant a change of route and drop-off points. Please contact our bus supervisor Mr. Ahmed Fikry if you have any inquires.